TAP Food Workshop Tangyuan

04 Dec 2017

In this food workshop, you'll learn how to make a sweet version and a savory version of tangyuan from scratch. After the hands-on tutorial, you’ll get to eat the dessert as you chat and play board games with old and new TAP friends.

Bessie (Yi-Hui) Chen believes that everyone deserves a healthy meal regardless of social economic class or ethnicity. She initiated a global cooking class at Zion Church Ministries in Everett MA in 2015. The following year, she founded Global Cooking Inc. with a focus on international cuisine, providing education on healthy eating and cooking. Beside cooking classes and sales fundraising, Mrs. Chen has coordinated many of Zion’s International Sunday buffets since 2015, cooking demonstrations in Newton Taiwan Day in 2016, Connecting Cultures Through Cooking workshops in Fairfield University, CT and Lynn, MA, in 2017, and provided scholarships to youths in Haiti in 2017. Mrs. Chen has experience in business, training and coaching. In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time with others, learning recipes from different nations, and exploring new cultures.