Workshop Reflecting on 2017

04 Dec 2017

Reflection is often used for personal and professional development and known as the key to learning. With 2018 right around the corner, join us for our final workshop of 2017 focused on helping you reflect on this past year.</p>

You'll have an opportunity to really think through and reflect on your life (in the context of the past year or in entirety): what you've accomplished, what you've failed, your happiness, how you've changed, how you've grown, and what you want in the future. There will be an opportunity to both share and hear other people's reflections.

It's been noted that people who reflect are able to...

  1. Strengthen their emotional intelligence
  2. Increase their ability to act with integrity
  3. Be more confident in themselves </ol>

    This will be the first of two workshops. There will be a goal-setting workshop in January where we will be able to leverage the materials and content generated from this workshop to create achievable and realistic goals for 2018.