Karen Lin
Occupation: Tax Associate at PwC

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Inclusive community and FOOD

Hobbies: Yoga, watching reality TV, eating dessert, shopping at TJMaxx

Why TAP: I joined TAP through the mentorship program and discovered a friendly and welcoming community that allows people to grow personally and professionally. There is a place for everyone in the TAP - those who want to give back to the community, build their career, expand their social circle, learn more about Taiwanese culture, and more!

Joe Wong
Occupation: Software Engineering

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Did you know that Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in the 80s? I had no idea until I joined TAP! I love the culture of niceness, and delicious food.

Hobbies: Tennis, hiking, developing new apps, and the occasional foray into cooking something new.

Why TAP: I'm amazed at how friendly and genuine the TAP community is! I want to continue the growth of TAP Boston as a welcoming and inclusive community.

Claire Peng
Vice President & EDGE Mentorship Co-Chair
Occupation: Strategy Analyst @ Accenture Strategy

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: The convenience of public transportation, the beauty of Taipei city, and the cheap/delicious food!

Hobbies: Traveling, working out, eating, exploring the city

Why TAP: To help build this inclusive community. To meet new people and make meaningful connections. To connect more with my cultural identity and share experiences with awesome people!

Evaline Ju
Occupation: Software Engineer

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Family and food

Hobbies: Tennis, reading, occasional rock climbing

Why TAP: TAP has been a welcoming community since I first moved to the Boston area, and I’d like to help others find their community as well.

Vanessa Chiang
Occupation: Data Science

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Getting to visit family + food

Hobbies: Traveling/exploring, eating, spending time with family/friends

Why TAP: TAP is a community that not only is very welcoming and supportive, but it is a community that allows me to grow. I started out as part of the mentorship program and have learned a great deal. Moreover, I’m new to Boston. When I moved to a new city where I didn’t know anyone, TAP was the community that I knew I could seek out and find a new home.

Li-Chen Pan
Marketing Chair

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America:


Why TAP:

Chris Lo
Technology Chair
Occupation: IT

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Bubble tea and the people!

Hobbies: Exercise, VR, training my budgies, eating asian desserts

Why TAP: I want to meet new people, and get more involved in the Boston community. TAP opens the door for me to do all that, and contribute to the tech in the back!

Alex Wu
Social/Cultural Chair
Occupation: Graduate student

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: The people and the food!

Hobbies: Watching/playing baseball, tennis, movies, reading, traveling

Why TAP: To help serve and build upon a community of people in Boston that is committed to welcoming and bringing people together through events that highlight Taiwanese/Taiwanese American culture

Annie Tsai
Social/Cultural Chair
Occupation: Medical Scribe/Assistant at Eye Associates

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Night markets, shaved ice, and friendliness!

Hobbies: Traveling and eating foods from different cultures!

Why TAP: TAP provides the unique opportunity to meet and network with people from different backgrounds with a shared goal and passion for community service and Taiwanese culture.

Amy Jin
Community Development Co-Chair
Occupation: Analyst, Liberty Mutual

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: F o o d and inviting community

Hobbies: Oil painting, grocery shopping, taking pictures of everything, taking pictures of dogs, saving posts from Subtle Asian Cooking, occasionally cooking, calling my mom to complain about life

Why TAP: I want to learn more about Taiwanese culture through engaging with a fun-loving and passionate community. I believe in TAP's ability to drive positive impact in our surrounding communities.

Michelle Hsu
Community Development Co-Chair
Occupation: Statistician, Frontier Science

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Eating Taiwanese shaved ice! Also, I admire people's recycling knowledge, so as their respectful social etiquette with the elderly.

Hobbies: Jogging along the Charles River, reading, and yoga.

Why TAP: I met many inspiring Asian American professionals/leaders here in Boston. They volunteer and support the local Asian communities in all aspects (e.g. food, health, children and youth). What they have been doing motivates me to contribute as well. I found out about TAP-Boston and realized the opportunity to serve the local community (with fun and friendly new friends).

Erica Yang
Professional Development Chair
Occupation: Data Analyst

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: People, night markets, MRT, 7-11, riverside bike trails, river tracing in Hualien, and even the awful weather in Taipei! :)

Hobbies: Zumba, swimming and assembling furniture(?!)

Why TAP: I got tremendous help and support from TAP people when I first moved here from Taipei, Taiwan. I would like to do the same for people coming here to start a new chapter in their lives.

Logan Lin
EDGE Mentorship Co-Chair
Occupation: Product/UX Designer at Toast

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Rich cultural influences and a melting pot of different perspectives as well as ethnic backgrounds today

Hobbies: Volleyball, hip hop dance, design thinking

Why TAP: TAP serves as a community outreach to working professionals and younger demographics to keep us to our roots as we navigate our sense of identity in the U.S today.