Li-Ming Tseng
Occupation: Communications Officer, Harvard Center for African Studies

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Nothing beats eating Taiwanese breakfast on plastic stools sharing a rickety table with other random people. I love the crowded streets, and amazing knick knacks you can find at the 7-11s and Family Marts.

Hobbies: Doing the following with friends and family: Baking, biking, hiking, building sandcastles, playing board games, and travelling.

Why TAP: TAP bridges the gap between work and social life. There is something for everyone at TAP! - those who want to give back to the community, build their career, expand their social circle, learn more about Taiwanese culture, and more!

Lloyd Liang
Occupation: Senior Clinical Research Coordinator, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Delicious food and Culture

Hobbies: Tennis, basketball, being active, movies, and eating yummy food

Why TAP: I joined TAP to get more involved and positively make an impact on both the TAP and Boston community. The community in TAP has also become a family away from home.

Vanessa Chiang
Vice President & Mentorship Chair
Occupation: Data science

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Getting to visit family + food

Hobbies: Traveling/exploring, eating, spending time with family/friends

Why TAP: TAP is a community that not only is very welcoming and supportive, but it is a community that allows me to grow. I started out as part of the mentorship program and have learned a great deal. Moreover, I’m new to Boston. When I moved to a new city where I didn’t know anyone, TAP was the community that I knew I could seek out and find a new home.

Ted Bang
Professional Development Chair
Occupation: Senior Associate Consultant – Corporate Strategy & Research at Liberty Mutual

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: The close-knit community and inclusive, open-minded culture.

Hobbies: Being active! I love playing basketball, football, baseball, swimming, water polo, rowing, and paint-balling. Basically, I love anything that’s interactive, competitive, and team-oriented.

Why TAP: Having moved to Boston a year ago, I found TAP to be a great community to explore the city, forge great friendships, and impact the local community. Though not being Taiwanese myself, I was immediately accepted into the community. I hope to continue to strengthen the TAP community and introduce it to others!

Mike Li
Community Development Chair
Occupation: Software Quality Analyst at Hudl

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: The people

Hobbies: I enjoy all sorts of team/group activities: sports, board games, video games, playing music.

Why TAP: To work with others to strengthen the TAP community. To help energize the community to give back to those who are in need.

Felicia Au
Occupation: Audit, Novogradac & Company LLP

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: There’s so much to list! All the night market snacks such as fried chicken and shaved ice. I’m obsessed with pineapple cakes and I always make sure to buy extra. Besides the food, I’m inspired by the Taiwanese American community who are dedicated to their culture as well as the highly motivated and driven individuals who are part of it.

Hobbies: I enjoy various activities such as skiing and tennis but my main focus is rock climbing. During the summer I like to be outdoors whenever I have the chance.

Why TAP: To meet new friends and gain new experiences. I’m grateful to be a part of this wonderful community of peers who are motivated to give back to the Taiwanese American community and the Greater Boston community while at the same time motivated to continuously improve themselves.

Alicia Chang
Social Chair
Occupation: B2B Marketing

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: I consider Taiwanese America a welcoming community full of opportunities and connections. From California to Ohio to Massachusetts, I have found a not only a safe space with Taiwanese American organizations, but also the encouragement to step beyond and develop myself as a leader and community member.

Hobbies: Ultimate frisbee, Marvel movies, and naps

Why TAP: I want to help create experiences with the Taiwanese spirit of welcoming (and feeding), while sharing Taiwanese culture!

Junli Hao
Community Development Chair
Occupation: PhD student, Chemical Engineering, MIT

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Strong bonds of community

Hobbies: Running, traveling, thinking about/eating food

Why TAP: I have had incredible experiences and met fantastic people through TAP, and I would like to help more people enjoy their time at TAP.

Chris Lo
Technology Chair
Occupation: Software engineering

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: The food and culture!

Hobbies: Gymnastics, airsofting, and astronomy

Why TAP: I want to meet new people, and get more involved in the Boston community. TAP opens the door to for me to step into new experiences, and contribute to the tech in the back!

Karen Lin
EDGE Chair
Occupation: Tax Associate, PwC

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: THE FOOD (especially bubble tea and shaved ice!)

Hobbies: Yoga, shopping, baking, eating, watching reality TV!

Why TAP: As a past mentee of EDGE, I discovered how TAP is a friendly and welcoming environment that allows people to grow personally and professionally. I hope to give back to the community by providing college students with an “edge” through meaningful connections with TAP members!

Li-Chen Pan
Marketing Chair

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America:


Why TAP:

Jasper Chen
Cultural Chair
Occupation: Software Engineer

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Food and shaved ice!

Hobbies: Rock climbing and traveling

Why TAP: I’ve gotten the sense that TAP members are genuinely friendly and welcoming. I believe that TAP is a great environment to experience, learn, and grow with a wonderful group of people.