Catherine Wei, President

Occupation: Advertising & Media

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Visiting relatives, going to night markets, and enjoying beef noodle soup and delicious Taiwanese food!

Hobbies: Trying out new restaurants, going on road trips, and playing board games

Why TAP: I'm looking forward to giving back to the Taiwanese community in Boston, getting to meet new friends, and celebrating Taiwanese American culture/heritage together!

Kara Chuang, Marketing and Brand Chair

Occupation: Optometry student at NECO

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Family, FOOD (Hakka ban tiao noodles are my favorite!!), hot springs, 7/11s and Family Marts on every street, going up to the mountains with my grandparents, and so so much more.

Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, watching Ghibli films and Asian dramas, and going to workout classes.

Why TAP: I want to increase my involvement in the Taiwanese community and promote how wonderful Taiwanese culture is! I also love meeting new people with similar backgrounds and interests!

Wei Chee Chen, Treasurer

Occupation: Senior Account Executive in CPG Industry

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: family, people, food, and night markets!

Hobbies: fencing, working out, reading, walking, cooking, and listening to podcasts

Why TAP: I want to learn more about Taiwanese culture and the Taiwanese-American experience and meet the wonderful, passionate people within TAP. I also love that I have the amazing opportunity to give back to the greater Boston community!

Sophie Lee, Program Chair

Occupation: HR Administration Assistant

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: the rich culture, sceneries, food

Hobbies: Long walks, baking focaccia, watching documentaries

Why TAP: I want to be a part of a community that supports one another.

Alisa Lin, Program Chair

Occupation: Nurse practitioner

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Enjoy sharing Taiwanese food with friends

Hobbies: Trying new activities, restaurants, and spending time with friends

Why TAP: I’m interested in exploring relationship-building opportunities, and looking forward to knowing/learning from different expertise, perspectives, and experiences in the TAP family!

Chen Wen Hsu, EDGE Mentorship Chair

Occupation: Economic Consulting

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Kindness and friendliness of Taiwanese people, and how you are almost guaranteed to be fed delicious food

Hobbies: Walking/hiking, enjoying coffee with friends, traveling, listening to music, going to concerts/musicals and visiting museums

Why TAP: I was introduced to TAP when I joined the TAP Edge program during my senior year. Then, I joined TAP Edge as a mentor. In both these experiences, I found TAP Boston to be an incredibly inclusive community with friendly and interesting individuals that value their shared culture. So, I joined TAP’s eboard this year to have the opportunity to contribute more directly to the Taiwanese community in Boston, as well as meet new friends and work on some personal develop goals!