Belle Lee, Co-President

Occupation: Higher Ed Administration

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: The people and the food!

Hobbies: Scouting out new restaurants, reading, bullet journaling, knitting

Why TAP: I want to help foster a sense of community, find ways to give back to Boston, and share the amazing aspects of Taiwanese culture!

Randall Toy, Co-President

Occupation: Scientist at Gene Therapy Biotech

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: The amazing people, night markets, and the food!

Hobbies: Running, cooking, biking, tennis, and golf

Why TAP: I want to be part of a great organization that makes a positive impact on students and the broader community in Boston.

Mathew Lee, Vice President

Occupation: Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Research

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: How people have taken the mix of East and West influences in stride

Hobbies: Biking, playing basketball, keeping up with current events

Why TAP: Looking forward to building a community that celebrates a common cultural affinity

Karen Lin, Treasurer

Occupation: Accounting

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Inclusive community and FOOD

Hobbies: Yoga, watching reality TV, baking/eating dessert, taking pics of sunsets

Why TAP: I joined TAP through the mentorship program and discovered a friendly and welcoming community that allows people to grow personally and professionally. There is a place for everyone in the TAP - those who want to give back to the community, build their career, expand their social circle, learn more about Taiwanese culture, and more!

Claire Peng, Secretary

Occupation: Strategy Associate in Tech

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: The convenience of public transportation, the beauty of Taipei city, and the cheap/delicious food!

Hobbies: Traveling, working out, eating, exploring the city

Why TAP: To help build this inclusive community. To meet new people and make meaningful connections. To connect more with my cultural identity and share experiences with awesome people!

Erica Yang, Marketing Chair

Occupation: I own and run 2 e-commerce businesses internationally. I'm also a real estate agent at Flyhomes.

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: People, food and karaoke!!

Hobbies: Doing puzzles, sudoku, play bridge or other board games, and recent favourite - watching tiktok lol

Why TAP: Born and raised in Taiwan, I'd love to meet people who come from similar background or heritage and share our passion for Taiwanese culture! Also TAP people are like a big family that always makes me feel very welcome.

Chris Lo, Technology Chair

Occupation: IT

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Bubble tea and the people!

Hobbies: Exercise, VR, Piano

Why TAP: I want to meet new people, and get more involved in the Boston community. TAP opens the door for me to do all that, and to contribute to the tech!

Amy Jin, Graphic Design Chair

Occupation: Nonprofit Consultant

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: F o o d and inviting community

Hobbies: Painting (self-pubbing my art insta @ajin.arts), board games, racquet sports, switch games, casual hiking (emphasis on casual), reading, hunting down food festivals

Why TAP: I want to learn more about Taiwanese culture through engaging with a fun-loving and passionate community. I believe in TAP's ability to drive positive impact in our surrounding communities.

Alex Wu, Community Development Chair

Occupation: Graduate student

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: The people and the food!

Hobbies: Watching/playing baseball, tennis, movies, reading, traveling

Why TAP: To help serve and build upon a community of people in Boston that is committed to welcoming and bringing people together through events that highlight Taiwanese/Taiwanese American culture

Kara Chuang, Professional Development Co-Chair

Occupation: Undergraduate student at UMass Amherst

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: How generous the locals are, authentic Taiwanese food (Hakka ban tiao noodles are my favorite!!), hot springs, 7/11s and Family Marts on every street, going up to the mountains with my grandparents, and so so much more.

Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, playing piano, watching Ghibli films and Asian dramas, and I started a small biz on Instagram over quarantine!

Why TAP: I want to increase my involvement in the Taiwanese community in Boston and nationally. I will be able to achieve this through TAP by promoting Taiwanese culture, contribute to important causes, and fostering an inclusive community!

Lynn Chou, Professional Development Co-Chair

Occupation: Product Marketing Manager in the tech industry

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Taiwanese food and exploring the culture and scenery in Taiwan!

Hobbies: Aerial silks, reading, trying out new teas (I'm an afternoon tea enthusiast), and traveling

Why TAP: TAP has an amazingly inclusive community of people who share similar Taiwanese cultural and personal values. Even from my first day with TAP, I found it so easy to connect with those around me because we had similar stories and experiences of growing up as Taiwanese Americans. I'm proud to be part of an organization that encourages growth (cultural, professional development, volunteering) and is so invested in the Boston community!

Jonathan Yeh, EDGE Mentorship Co-Chair

Occupation: Bioprocess Development Engineer

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: The friendly people, delicious food, and the reliable public transit system.

Hobbies: Hiking, going to concerts/music festivals, working on my car

Why TAP: I want to take part in helping to build a fun and inclusive community for Taiwanese/Taiwanese-Americans in the Boston area.

Allison Sheu, EDGE Mentorship Co-Chair

Occupation: Healthcare Investor

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Food and family!

Hobbies: Reading (about science, psychology, and politics,) trying new restaurants, going to art museums, tennis, classical music, watching live theater

Why TAP: Amazing community of caring, passionate, and fun folks

Vanessa Chiang, EDGE Advisor

Occupation: Data Science

Favorite thing about Taiwan/Taiwanese America: Getting to visit family + food

Hobbies: Traveling/exploring, eating, spending time with family/friends

Why TAP: TAP is a community that not only is very welcoming and supportive, but it is a community that allows me to grow. I started out as part of the mentorship program and have learned a great deal. Moreover, I’m new to Boston. When I moved to a new city where I didn’t know anyone, TAP was the community that I knew I could seek out and find a new home.